PJ King
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Hey there, I'm PJ King, a technology investor involved in start-ups.

My current technology interests are focused on blockchain, and renewable energy. I also invest in real estate.

You can find me on LinkedIn.

Some current and former projects are outlined below.

CNG/Tzell Travel MBO & Trade Sale

In 2007, I completed a corporate turnaround and privatization of CNG Travel Group plc, a New York based, UK listed internet travel company in which he was an angel investor. I restructured the company turning it from making a $23 million loss to making $8 million operating profit in 2 years. I raised $44,500,000 in equity and debt finance and lead a Management Buy-Out of CNG Travel Group plc.  The operating company (Tzell Travel)  was subsequently merged with TravelLeaders group in a trade sale,  creating the largest independent Travel Group in the United States.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

I began investing in Bitcoin in 2014 and subsequently branched out into other blockchain projects. One recent investment is in Blockstack - an ambitious attempt at creating a technology similar to the fictional "Pied Piper" distributed internet platform on the hit HBO series "Silicon Valley".

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to do a lot of good in the world, particularly in emerging markets. Would the world look differently at refugees, if each refugee was able to carry their wealth with them digitally? Would citizens who live under corrupt governments benefit from the ability to preserve their wealth when the government destroys their savings by printing money?

Perhaps the most important feature of this technology is the enabling of complex multiparty transactions between untrusted parties.

The Bobby Hotel, Nashville

The Bobby is a new, 144 bedroom, 4.5 star boutique hotel, right in the heart of Nashville. The hotel opened in June 2018 and was name one of the 10 best hotels in America by USA today. This project gives visitors to Nashville a fresh and locally authentic experience when staying in the legendary city. Come and enjoy a drink in the roof deck bar that features a 1956 tour bus, cabanas and a swimming pool.


Firefly Space Systems

In 2014, PJ co-founded Firefly Space Systems, an aerospace startup developing a small satellite launch vehicle. The company received contracts from NASA and other agencies worth over $20 million and letters of intent for commercial launch contracts worth over $240 million. The company raised more than $30 million in investment capital. Despite this, unfortunately, the company suffered a cash crunch when a key investor was unable to finance their investment round and went out of business.


ReResearch LLC was an institute dedicated to materials research in the renewable energy sector.  Founded in 2010, ReResearch conducted fundamental research until 2016, when the research program ended and the research results were published.

The Institute had laboratories in Hawthorne California as well as research facilities contracted from UCLA and the CRANN Institute at Trinity College Dublin.

The mandate of ReResearch was to work on high-risk, high reward research that could lead to breakthrough industrial applications. More...


Clockworks International

PJ deferred his PhD in Astronautics at Stanford University in the 1990's to found a software company, Clockworks International. PJ grew Clockworks from a one-person company to a multi-million dollar  business by 1999, when he concluded a trade sale of the company.  Many of the Clockworks team have gone on to great careers since, all over the tech industry.


Smaller Angel Investments

In addition to the projects above, PJ also makes occasional, smaller angel investments, such as Evelo Electric Bicycles. The company continues to go from strength to strength and its great to see electric propulsion steadily take over transportation from fossil fuels.